powerplantmatching.collection.matched_data(config=None, config_update=None, update=False, from_url=False, extend_by_vres=False, extendby_kwargs={}, extend_by_kwargs={}, **collection_kwargs)

Return the full matched dataset including all data sources listed in config.yaml/matching_sources. The combined data is additionally extended by non-matched entries of sources given in config.yaml/fully_included_souces.

  • update (Boolean, default False) – Whether to rerun the matching process. Overrides stored to False if True.

  • from_url (Boolean, default False) – Whether to parse and store the already build data from the repo website.

  • config (Dict, default None) – Define a configuration varying from the setting in config.yaml. Relevant keywords are ‘matching_sources’, ‘fully_included_sources’.

  • config_update (Dict, default None) – Configuration input dictionary to be merged into the default configuration data

  • extend_by_vres (Boolean, default False) – Whether extend the dataset by variable renewable energy sources given by

  • extendby_kwargs (Dict,) – Dict of keywordarguments passed to powerplantmatchting. heuristics.extend_by_non_matched

  • **collection_kwargs (kwargs) – Arguments passed to powerplantmatching.collection.Collection.