Make your own configuration

Make your own configuration#

You have the option to easily manipulate the resulting data modifying the global configuration. Just save the config.yaml file as ~/.powerplantmatching_config.yaml manually or for linux users

wget -O ~/.powerplantmatching_config.yaml

and change the .powerplantmaching_config.yaml file according to your wishes. Thereby you can

  • determine the global set of countries and fueltypes

  • determine which data sources to combine and which data sources should completely be contained in the final dataset

  • individually filter data sources via pandas.DataFrame.query statements set as an argument of data source name. See the default config.yaml file as an example

Optionally you can:

  • add your ENTSOE security token to the .powerplantmaching_config.yaml file. To enable updating the ENTSOE data by yourself. The token can be obtained by following section 2 of the RESTful API documentation of the ENTSOE-E Transparency platform.

  • add your Google API key to the config.yaml file to enable geoparsing. The key can be obtained by following the instructions.