powerplantmatching.data.ENTSOE_EIC(raw=False, update=False, config=None, entsoe_token=None)#

Importer for the meta data given for each ENTSOE entry.

This data serves to fill up geographical information. If update=True an internet connection is required.

  • raw (Boolean, default False) – Whether to return the original dataset

  • update (bool, default False) – Whether to update the data from the url.

  • config (dict, default None) – Add custom specific configuration, e.g. powerplantmatching.config.get_config(target_countries=’Italy’), defaults to powerplantmatching.config.get_config()

  • entsoe_token (String) – Security token of the ENTSO-E Transparency platform

  • Note (For obtaining a security token refer to section 2 of the) –

  • platform (RESTful API documentation of the ENTSOE-E Transparency) –

  • https (//transparency.entsoe.eu/content/static_content/Static%20content/) –

  • the (web%20api/Guide.html#_authentication_and_authorisation. Please save) –

  • 'entsoe_token'). (token in your config.yaml file (key) –