Welcome to powerplantmatching’s documentation!

Welcome to powerplantmatching’s documentation!#

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A toolset for cleaning, standardizing and combining multiple power plant databases.

This package provides ready-to-use power plant data for the European power system. Starting from openly available power plant datasets, the package cleans, standardizes and merges the input data to create a new combining dataset, which includes all the important information. The package allows to easily update the combined data as soon as new input datasets are released.

Map of power plants in Europe

Map of power plants in Europe#

powerplantmatching was initially developed by the Renewable Energy Group at FIAS to build power plant data inputs to PyPSA-based models for carrying out simulations for the CoNDyNet project, financed by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) as part of the Stromnetze Research Initiative.

Main Features#

  • clean and standardize power plant data sets

  • aggregate power plants units which belong to the same plant

  • compare and combine different data sets

  • create lookups and give statistical insight to power plant goodness

  • provide cleaned data from different sources

  • choose between gros/net capacity

  • provide an already merged data set of six different data-sources

  • scale the power plant capacities in order to match country specific statistics about total power plant capacities

  • visualize the data

  • export your powerplant data to a PyPSA or TIMES model


Install the package via pip

pip install powerplantmatching

or conda

conda install -c conda-forge powerplantmatching

Citing powerplantmatching#

If you want to cite powerplantmatching, use the following paper

with bibtex

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and/or the current release stored on Zenodo with a release-specific DOI:



The development of powerplantmatching was helped considerably by in-depth discussions and exchanges of ideas and code with

  • Tom Brown from Karlsruhe Institute for Technology

  • Chris Davis from University of Groningen and

  • Johannes Friedrich, Roman Hennig and Colin McCormick of the World Resources Institute


Copyright 2018-2024 Fabian Gotzens (FZ Jülich), Jonas Hörsch (KIT), Fabian Hofmann (FIAS)

powerplantmatching is released as free software under the GPLv3, see LICENSE for further information.