powerplantmatching.data.OPSD(raw=False, update=False, statusDE=None, config=None, **fill_geoposition_kwargs)#

Importer for the OPSD (Open Power Systems Data) database.

  • raw (Boolean, default False) – Whether to return a dictionary of the raw databases.

  • update (bool, default False) – Whether to update the data from the url.

  • statusDE (list, default ['operating', 'reserve', 'special_case']) – Filter DE entries by operational status [‘operating’, ‘shutdown’, ‘reserve’, etc.]

  • config (dict, default None) – Add custom specific configuration, e.g. powerplantmatching.config.get_config(target_countries=’Italy’), defaults to powerplantmatching.config.get_config()

  • fill_geoposition_kwargs – Keyword arguments for fill_geoposition.