powerplantmatching.collection.powerplants(config=None, config_update=None, update=False, from_url=False, extend_by_vres=False, extendby_kwargs={}, extend_by_kwargs={}, fill_geopositions=True, filter_missing_geopositions=True, **collection_kwargs)#

Return the full matched dataset including all data sources listed in config.yaml/matching_sources. The combined data is additionally extended by non-matched entries of sources given in config.yaml/fully_included_sources.

  • update (Boolean, default False) – Whether to rerun the matching process. Overrides stored to False if True.

  • from_url (Boolean, default False) – Whether to parse and store the already build data from the repo website.

  • config (Dict, default None) – Define a configuration varying from the setting in config.yaml. Relevant keywords are ‘matching_sources’, ‘fully_included_sources’.

  • config_update (Dict, default None) – Configuration input dictionary to be merged into the default configuration data

  • extend_by_vres (Boolean, default False) – Whether extend the dataset by variable renewable energy sources given by powerplantmatching.data.OPSD_VRE()

  • extendby_kwargs (Dict,) – Dict of keyword arguments passed to powerplantmatchting. heuristics.extend_by_non_matched

  • fill_geopositions (Boolean, default True) – Whether to fill geo coordinates by calling df.powerplant.fill_geoposition() after the matching process and before the optional extension by VRES. Only active if update is true.

  • filter_missing_geopositions (Boolean, default True) – Whether to filter out resulting entries without geo coordinates. The filtering happens after the matching process and the optional filling of geo coordinates and before the optional extension by VRES. Only active if update is true.

  • **collection_kwargs (kwargs) – Arguments passed to powerplantmatching.collection.Collection.