gather_specifications#, target_columns=['Fueltype', 'Technology', 'Set'], parse_columns=['Name', 'Fueltype', 'Technology', 'Set'], config=None)#

Parse columns to collect representative keys.

This function will parse the columns specified in parse_columns and collects the representative keys for each row in target_columns. The parsing is based on the config file.

  • df (pandas.DataFrame) – Power plant dataframe.

  • target_columns (list, optional) – Columns where the representative keys will be collected, by default [“Fueltype”, “Technology”, “Set”]

  • parse_columns (list, optional) – Columns that should be parsed, by default [“Name”, “Fueltype”, “Technology”, “Set”]

  • config (dict, default None) – Custom configuration, defaults to powerplantmatching.config.get_config().

Return type: